About the Academy

Learn, Thrive, Transform: your digital mental health learning journey begins here

Tailored learning for mental health professionals worldwide

At the Digital Mental Health Academy, we believe that learning should be a journey tailored to your needs. That's why we offer self-paced online training videos, readings, and exercises covering essential areas relevant to digital mental health implementation.

Our comprehensive modules cater to a wide range of professionals. Whether you are a mental health expert interested in staying ahead of the global trends, a clinician seeking to confidently recommend digital tools to clients, or a policy strategist aiming to embrace international best practices, our Academy is here to support your aspirations with an in-depth learning experience.


A modular learning approach - learn what you need, when you can, from wherever you are.


Fast track all the knowledge you need to embed digital within your mental health practice.


Evidence-based lessons that save you trawling the academic literature for what truly works in practice.


Gain knowledge directly from international digital mental health experts.

Why the Academy?

Anil Thapliyal and team have long felt the call for the Digital Mental Health Academy.  So many stories from across the globe led us to creating the first online learning environment truly dedicated to helping clinicians, mental health leaders, and policy makers fast track digital within their mental health ecosystem.

We heard from clinicians seeking ways to leverage digital for a more personalised and responsive client experience.  We listened to mental health leaders and policy makers who understand the benefits of digital mental health but simply don’t know where to start, with strategy, with implementation, with the transformation.

We knew we had the answer. Building on our team’s 20+ years of digital mental health experience and tapping into our vast network of global experts,  the Digital Mental Health Academy is our response. And, we know it will change lives.

Holistic Learning

We don't stop at a theoretical approach, but combine established evidence with the practical experience of mental health professionals working in the field. Through this integration, we offer an implementation-centered approach firmly rooted in real-life effective evidence-based practices.


We recognize the value of collaboration between professionals from diverse yet interconnected industry groups. Each industry group plays a unique role in creating a digital mental health ecosystem that caters to the needs of individuals, families, and communities alike.

Tangible Outcomes

By gaining insights into all aspects of implementation and fostering effective collaboration, our graduates become an integral part of a harmonious symphony that is improving mental health outcomes around the world.

Join the movement

If you share our vision of meaningfully improving the mental health care system through technology, we invite you to embark on this empowering journey with us. Together, let’s shape the future of mental health care and create a positive impact on countless lives.

Get started today and let the Digital Mental Health Academy be your guiding light on this transformative path. Together, we can make a difference.